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10 days ahead of its release date, we’re delighted to share another preview from Alex Snell forthcoming EP with thsi time the track ‘The Destination’.

‘4/5. Top! The Destination is my fav!’ - Patrick Pulsinger (Compost Black Label | Scram | Compost Records | Disko B)

‘4/5. Cool tripped out tracks.’ - Tyler Stadius (Deep Xperience | Fabric Records)

‘‘4/5. I like both tracks! ’ - DJ Robert Grand (ZYX Music | Steady Beatz)

For its 25th release, Teleskopik Recordings are pleased to introduce the work of up and coming artist LEsombre with a solid 2 track minimal-tech EP. The main track ‘Little Boy’ is reminiscent of the ‘Basic Channel’ sound incorporating solid dance floor grooves, while hypnotic chord patterns slowly emerge to produce a dance-floor killer. The flip side ‘Space’ delivers a beautifully engineered tech-house sound, where solid rhythms are combined with dazzling baselines and uplifting melodies.

RELEASE DATE: 24.04.14

Teleskopik’s 24th release kicks off with ‘Southbound’ a brilliant minimal techno track with a driving, infectious beat weaving through an array of crisp minimal bleep sounds creating an instantly identifiable track. The flip-side ‘Sax On Fire’ entrancingly combines groovy tech-house beats with an insistent melody, resulting in a distinct dancefloor track sure to please many DJs.

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